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Just Try To Be You

Here’s a wonderful poem by Mistakes & Adventures! His blog showcases his passion for traveling and writing. Give it a look!

Mistakes & Adventures

Just sit back,

Just relax,

Just sit back and relax and think on the good,

Just remember all you have achieved,

Just consider all you can do,

Just appreciate things,

Just remind yourself there is time.

Try to reset,

Try to return,

Try to reset in return,

Try recall how easy it all was when you put your mind to it,

Try to take it all in,

Try your hardest,

Try not to fail,

Try to pick yourself up again,

Try not to rush anything.

To understand it,

To want it,

To want to understand it,

To be anything,

To be something,

To be someone,

To be successful,

To be safe,

To be everything you ever wanted.

Be yourself,

Be kind,

Be kind to yourself,

Be flexible,

Be wild,

Be what motivates you,

Be a physical representation of your passion,

Be it.

You are given one life,

You are given…

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reposting 🙂 I really appreciate it.

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  2. Hello,xkickz this is a very good post keep up the good work.

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  1. Just Try To Be You – Health Share PORT

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