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Why set goals? A roadmap to your dreams.

Hello, readers!

Let’s follow up on the topic of dreams with a practical guide. Now, It’s one thing to picture a dream with your mind’s eye and say that’s what I want, but how do we go about bringing it to life? How do we turn a make-believe story into a reality that we can touch with our own hands and see with our own eyes? What steps do we need to take to get there? Is there such thing as a magic stairway? What can we reach and grab onto as we climb towards our dreams?


If you’re bored with life — you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things — you don’t have enough goals.

Lou Holtz


That’s it, Goals. Think of goals as a roadmap to your dream. If you wanted to take a trip cross-country what would you use? A map! You can’t possibly expect to get to your destination without one! You need to know where you are going and how you’re going to get there! We got to have a start and an end. Without a map, we may lose our sense of direction, get lost or worst of all never get to see the finish. Goals keep us energized, focused and on track. Goals give us a sense of how far we’ve come along. Goals allow us to see down the road beyond the obstacles we will come across. Goals remind us of what needs to be done. Goals are the stones we reach, grab and pull ourselves towards as we ascend to the mountaintops our dreams.


Destination Dream, please.


Let’s say you always wanted to take a trip to Disney World. You decide this year will be THE year. Money doesn’t come easy for you so every day every choice you make is geared towards the “Disney Dream Fund”. New fancy phone? Pass. New shiny shoes? Pass. New Trendy clothes? Pass. The savings start to add up and you almost have enough. You are so close even the dreams in your sleep are about Mickey Mouse. You start to think what other ways can grow the “Disney Dream Fund”. Money starts to come in from selling baked goods and working extra hours. Finally, all of the sacrifice and dedication pays off. Tickets are booked. The dates on the Calendar are marked with a big happy face. Luggage is packed and you are ready to go. Mission accomplished.  Along the way wouldn’t you notice your excitement grow? Slowly you would think to yourself “I am actually going to make to this happen”. And you once you do reach your goals and dreams. The sense of accomplishment is priceless.


“So…You all going to Disney too?”


In order to make a dream come true, we need a vision and a plan. You have to believe it can be done. See beyond the fog of doubt with goals. Think of goals as the light that pierces through the fog.  With goals, you will have a better sense of direction and a better understanding of what it takes to get to where you are going.


“I am not lost, I got goals!” Wait what’s that…



You are probably thinking ok I get it goals equals dreams but How do I set the right goals? How do I know these goals will actually take me where I want to go? To help with this I’ve tried to come up with a few question using our personal mentors “What” and “How”? Only you can answer the why.


With your dream in mind write down a goal that follows up with each pair of the following questions.


What skills do you need to accomplish your dream?

How do you improve on these skills?


What do you need to do to make this dream within arms reach?

How do you break this down into steps?


What can you do each day to bring you closer to your dream?

How do you make this a daily ritual?


What are some of the obstacles you will face?

How do you overcome these obstacles?


What will it take in terms of Time? Money? Sacrifice?

How do you get passed this?


You may even come up with better questions of your own. The point is to align your goals with questions that dig deep into the very core of your dream.



How to stay focused on your goals.


Write them down.

Writing down a goal is the first step. Studies have shown people who have written down goals are more likely to follow through and see the goal to completion. So take a piece of paper. Write down your goals. Sign and Date it. Keep it with you in your wallet. Take action. Look forward to the day you accomplish a goal and are able to sign and date it once more with pride.

Think WIN.

With your goal in mind ask yourself “Whats important now?” W.I.N. WIN reminds you of the past, takes account of the present, and thinks for the future. This single question alone will refocus your actions at all times. Use it daily.


Be consistent.

Keep the ball in motion. Strive towards your dreams with tenacity. Think brick by brick I will build this house of dreams. Show up. Take the steps. Do the work.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go on, get going. You got goals and dreams to fulfill!



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  1. Goals are important! You are right about that. Good suggestions in this post.

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  2. thank you for this…i needed a post like this

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  3. Thanks for the motivation you provide through your posts!! This one is just amazing …Well penned

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  4. Well post, thanks straight from the heart for sharing it!

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  5. This is awesome info. I want reblog this on this sunday, with your permission.

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  6. Looks like I can bin my tomtom. I really do like your longer writings!

    Btw I nominated you for the mystery blogger award! I realise they can be a bit of a pain to do but it’s really just a shout out of appreciation so don’t feel like you have to take part!

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  7. Reblogged this on A thinking blog. and commented:
    This is a very nice post about goal and dreams and how to achieve it. It’s origanlly posted on xpnugget.com

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  8. Great one! Loving your enthusiasm, it’s almost jumping out of my screen 😀

    Something you might find interesting: I’m currently experimenting with keeping track of my goals / categories of life (some stuff, like relationships, don’t end but do still need the same attention as goals) with a big paper or whiteboard on my wall (kinda like they do in software development with scrum boards). Hopefully, the constant reminders and visualisation of my progress will push me forward like the space shuttle!

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  9. Reblogged this on gvrlyc.

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  10. Yes, goals and dreams are very important in our life.
    Very beautifully expressed!

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  11. Very true your goals drive u…

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  12. Thank you for following my blog. I think the list of thinking points you provided for when you start planning your goals are great. It’s easy to have a goal but not think about the logistics to achieve it.


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  13. Loved this post!! I loved your reference to the roadmap. Basically visualizing your goals to your destination! Nice tips and questions! Shared on Facebook! 💛


    • Hey Donyell! Thank you very much for sharing! If you could also like the xpnugget page on fb! Just scroll to the bottom of the site you’ll find a link there ~ Winnnkkkk Winkkk 😉


  14. Very well put! Often people forget to dream and set goals for themselves and get caught up in the monotony. Setting goals and never losing track of the final objective do help a lot! Very inspirational post!

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  15. Great tips! Yes, it’s important to write your goals and have that positive attitude to work toward getting it

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  16. Goals are so important! How can you expect to make any progress in life without knowing where you want to go?

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  17. Yes, I totally agree, Goals and hardwork are the key to success


  18. Thanks for this post, i have been setting myself weekly goals on my blog postivfworld.wordpress.com for a couple of weeks now and it has given me a huge sense of purpose, you post has been very useful to understand just how positive an impact setting goals can be!

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  19. Goals are stepping stones – whether to success or failure is not the purpose. It’s how we implement our goals and what we learn along the way.


  20. Really enjoyed this post! Setting my goals….!!!

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  21. Awesome! Completely true also! Goals make your life the life worth living. Time may change your goals but overall your goals will forever get you where you want to be.

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