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Welcome to XP Nuggets: AshleeG!!!

Hello, readers!

I’d like to announce that Ashlee G, creator of creativethinkingwell.com, has joined XP Nuggets! Ashlee G is a fan and an avid reader of XP Nuggets and I’m very happy that one of our own readers has joined the ranks! Her blog, Creative Thinking Well, is a family friendly community that shares their collective works and encourages others to learn and discover. Through her blog, Ashlee’s passions of writing and photography become apparent with her artist interviews, micro-essays, and short stories.  Her talent with words is beyond exceptional! Be sure to check out her blog and possibly be a part of CTW!


Below is a recent piece of poetry by Ashlee that I enjoyed!

Do You Believe – Reverse Poem

(Remember, read it top to bottom and bottom to top!)

Believe in yourself
Do not
Fall for popularity
Change who you are
To succeed
Nothing but failure
Lies and illusions
Take the right path to
Reach for the stars
Take the first step
Do not
Hold yourself in lies
Achieve easy goals
Believe you can do anything
Climb the tallest mountain
Create impossible cures
Find home on the farthest planet
Try until you can try no more
Do not
Give up

Once again. Thank you, Ashlee! Welcome aboard and I truly hope you enjoy every bit of writing you share with XP Nuggets!




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  1. Thank you very much, I am glad to be a part of XP Nuggets! The community and blog itself are absolutely outstanding.

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