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Why is everything better together?

In life, there are moments when we feel we are alone in our endeavors. It may be working on a project, learning a skill, or just getting through the day. The truth is we are never alone in anything we do. There’s support from your friends you reach out for advice. Support from your spouse and family members with love and sometimes… criticism. ( Love you more Hun )  Support from the community who like and comment your work. You may not realize it but this very support you receive is an integral part of your success. There is always a TEAM behind the every successful person in life. NO one does it alone.


As a writer, you may think how does this apply to me? It’s just me sitting behind the screen typing away. Yes, it maybe just you typing away at the keyboard but think of where you get your inspiration. It could be from you’re the experiences you’ve created and shared with family and friends. Influences you draw upon are also part of you. A recent movie you watched or a piece of music you’ve listened to. The point someone is always there with you. It may even be your faith. Realize no matter the endeavor we are always able to find strength in others.



……With our powers combined! We form — Oops, wrong blog.



Team of family & friends

There’s a reason there’s a saying family first. Its engrained into DNA to look for and care for our one of our own. It’s family that provides shelter, warmth & love on a daily basis. There are times you may not always see eye to eye but at the end of the day, your family will be there & will always want what is best for you. ( Unless you have a mischevious younger sister ~ Jk Sis 😉 ) And Who do we look to for advice first when we come across a problem? It’s usually from our circle of friends. It’s our friends who understand and know our everyday struggles. Why? Because they are going through the same challenge you face, life itself. Value and cherish your friendships, may they last a lifetime.



“Take me Higher Pa! Higher!”


Team of mentors.


In life, we are always learning and it is best to learn from someone who has been there and done that before. To have an open mind and accept wisdom is fundamental for success. You maybe in a situation where there is no one in your circle you can reach out to for advice. Or private lessons are too costly. You wonder How can I find a mentor? In this day in age with social media. You can find expertise on just about any topic. Knowledge is at your fingertips. Mentors are only a click away. There is tons of free information out there you just have to find it. YouTube, Podcast, even Facebook are great resources to tap into. Here are a few great resources for my fellow bloggers out there.


Download The Podcast Addict App and search for these podcasts

( You can thank me later )


Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M.Weiland



Problogger By Darren Rowse



Team of critics.

Believe it or not. There is also some truth to your worst critics. At first glance, the instinct is to dismiss their opinions and brush it aside. Why? Because the truth hurts. I want you to be able to open your mind and really listen to the criticism you receive. It may sting at first, but once you are able to take your ego out of the equation you will realize how beneficial criticism really is. Be thankful they are pointing out your flaws. How can you know what to improve if no one actually told you what was wrong in the first place? The sooner you recognize your flaws or your mistakes the earlier you will be able to correct them. So try to be thankful for any criticism you come across. Especially when someone could of easily say  “Oh that’s good” and not really give it any thought. Remember to practice patience and gratitude and one of the best applications for these practices is with criticism.


What!? I’ll show you good enough! Just you wait!



When you accomplish your goal, which one day you eventually will with hard work, dedication and persistence, remember the people who helped get you there.And I Hope you will bring them along every step of the way because some of the very best things in life are done with each other, Together. It’s one thing to say “I did it”, but doesn’t “We did it” sound much better?



 homer simpson the simpsons simpsons hug homer GIF

Incoming warmth and fuzzies…Mmmm…That’s the stuff….



On your team,


~ Kickz

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11 replies

  1. This is awesome advice! There are many times were I feel alone and I have to remember that I do have an incredible support system lifting me up. Nice blog!

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  2. Yes, people are and should be there for each other. We also have God who is with us whether other people are or aren’t. One more source of help and encouragement. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent post and very helpful suggestions . I think anyone reading this post will feel encouraged and supported . And someone may just be needing that today.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Indeed! Without the thought and labor of many people before us, there wouldn’t BE any keyboard to type on. No math. No computers. No written language. Think of this too…every one of your ancestors had to live long enough to reproduce or you wouldn’t be here. And, I don’t just mean your *immediate* ancestors…I mean all the way back through over 4.5 Billion years of evolution! And without global contemporary cooperation, you wouldn’t have electricity, clean running water, a house to live in, etc. We are definitely in this together!

    Liked by 1 person

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