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Why give it a go?

Have you ever thought of trying something new and you hesitated? Maybe you thought to yourself…Me do that? No way! That won’t work.


There’s something to be said about taking a vision & giving it everything you got. You may not accomplish what you set out to, or the end result isn’t what you expected. But at the end of it all, there’s something special in the process. A different kind of sensation. The simple act of giving it your all & not giving up until the very end. It’s special. It brings you to a serene state of mind, a calming effect. Knowing that you clocked in 110% allows you to hang your hat with pride. Be proud of yourself. Think of it like this “Hey you know what, I gave it a go.” If you give it a go. Many, Many doors will open for you.


A friend came to me and asked for help to win a wedding contest. He told me how other contestants already entered elaborate dances & plays. How the competition seems untouchable. How there wasnt enough time. Upon hearing this, I was in a sense put in a trance. For the next two days, I brainstormed as much my CPU allowed me to. What can I do to help? I’m not a very good dancer….not a talented singer…I wanted to help but I kept thinking How?? With only a few days left to enter, and limited resources, my cpu overclocked.

He mentioned the idea of how one of our friends would be great for an old spice skit. So from one thought bubble to another, the creative process went into overdrive and within 72 hours. We were able to pull this together. Check it out!


( Fair warning there is a very Manly guy shirtless. Old Spice. )





And a comic strip of their story =)

first 1Second 2


Give it a go.


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  1. awwwww! I totally agree with you. No matter the time limits and bumps, you have to give it everything you got! And that is the only way you stay content….no matter the outcome. Love the comic

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  2. Reblogged this on MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR and commented:
    Another “NUGGET” from my friend XP NUGGETS

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  3. This post states why we should try something before saying I can’t. We’ll all eventually have a situation similar like that in the post. How’d your skit go?

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  4. Great post! I truly enjoyed it 😃

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