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Captains Log #2

Hey Journal! Wow.  I can’t put into words the amount of fun I’ve had taking a pen to paper and tapping away at the keyboard. There’s so much you can do with writing. So much opportunity and experiences have been laid out in front of me. Write a blog? Write a comic? Write a book? Write a script? Write a song? Write a Video Skit?  If you apply your self with your mind and heart you can Make it Happen. I want to somehow share this mindset with others. Make people believe in themselves.  Somehow journal I’ll find a way. This is only the beginning.

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  1. I know so many options to write, esp. in today’s day and age. 😀 It’s exciting but overwhelming too, don’t you think?

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    • Yep!! For me it started with the blog, which led to a comic strip. Then, I asked why not try a manga series?? And then I thought… Since I’m writing a manga series..which similar to writing a script so lets give short films a go! Oh! Now there’s also the idea of starting a podcast for fun. So much you can apply it to so. Yes, I’m a bit overwhelmed, excited and eager to get everything going =]. In short, the creative process in writing is my kick and I’m glad to have found it. In what ways are you applying yourself as a writer?

      Thanks for visiting Carly!

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      • Cool background story, xKickz. Thanks for sharing. Writing a Manga series sounds unique. Are a lot of people doing that now?

        Well, I started writing poetry at a very young age and it progressed to spiritual fiction and non-fiction writing as well.

        I am hoping to have my blog more than a poetry blog. I am meeting with a business coach to help me make it into a profitable business for me someday and reach more people to touch them with my writing.

        She tells me to not sell myself short and why couldn’t Message In Stanza be a “writing blog?” So I am heading in that direction now.

        I believe all good writers experience writer’s block, what are your ways you overcome it?

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  2. I have been procrastinating about publishing my story. Recently more and more people are telling me to do it. After reading your post i am one step closer to picking up the phone to a publisher

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