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Why celebrate? [ Stop & smell the roses ]

When you are filled with ambition, goals, & dreams everything else can be a blur. We often are so enamored by our vision it becomes the only the thing we see.  Tunnel vision leads to the neglect of important aspects of our lives. Relationships suffer. Personal well-being in terms of mental & physical health and even hygiene also gets put on the backburner. Responsibilities in terms of chores, maintenance and bills can be forgotten.   So how do we go about avoiding this pitfall?


One way is the act of celebration. Celebrate? What does that have to do with getting your priorities in order you ask? Think of it what happens when we celebrate. We take a moment to appreciate a significance.


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey



Whats significant? For me, it is anything that has both value and meaning. An anniversary. A birthday. A promotion. These are the easy ones to name. How about little things that go unnoticed in your life? 30 days since you argued, cried, cursed. Or 27 consecutive days you’ve laughed & smiled to yourself or with a loved one. How about those four of days in a row where you’ve gotten GOOD sleep. How about the day you said to yourself “TODAY is the day” and took care of the thing that’s been simmering in your mind for weeks. Go ahead take a moment to celebrate right now.



“People of our time are losing the power of celebration. Instead of celebrating we seek to be amused or entertained. Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation. To be entertained is a passive state–it is to receive pleasure afforded by an amusing act or a spectacle…. Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one’s actions.

Wisdom of Heschel



Why celebrate?



It puts things in perspective  Realize there are good times, and there are bad. Highs and lows. Peaks and dips. Joy and Sorrow.



Gratitude. When we celebrate we also appreciate. Appreciation is also gratitude. And we discussed before practicing gratitude leads to a happier you. In short, it works like this Celebrate = Appreciate = Gratitude = Happier You


Focuses on what went “Right”. Many times you can fall into to the trap of only looking at what went wrong. The funny thing about being human is we experience one emotion at a time. We cannot smile and frown at the same time. It is physically impossible. You can only do one or the other. The same goes for our minds. The thought we expand upon the most is the thought we grow. Wouldn’t you rather smile than frown? Experience joy over sorrow?


Values the significance

When you don’t celebrate an event you are saying the event isn’t noteworthy to you. “It doesn’t matter”. When we celebrate we are saying to ourselves &  to the world. THIS is important to me. THIS has meaning in my life.


While we are living in the present, we must celebrate life every day, knowing that we are becoming history with every work, every action, every deed.

Mattie Stepanek



How to celebrate?


No need to dive into specifics here. The celebration doesn’t even have to be an extravagant lavish party, a big gathering or a shiny new. It can be something simple as acknowledging the significance to yourself or with a loved one. But don’t be timid have or give a treat! Think of the special treat as icing on the cake, with the cake being the importance of the event. Keep your attention on what matters. Focus on the meaning, not the superficial reward.




What are you celebrating today?


– Kickz


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9 replies

  1. Awesome post. I just loved it so much !! 👍😊

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  2. I am celebrating an achievement in my riding ( of my horse Biasini). We have worked for the last six weeks on something and today it came right. A cup of Darjeeling tea in my grandmothers fine china was my way of celebrating. Thanks for this happy post.

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  3. What a great post. Loved it. Have to show it to my hubby who is always protesting about celebrating his birthday

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  4. Totally, especially gratitude – in for it.

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