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Time to Motivate!

My friends, we all lack that good dose of motivation, and sometimes our friends or family do too. A lot of us write a ton of lists, right? To-Do’s, house cleaning, shopping lists and recipes, goals. Things are often easier said (or written) than done, that is for sure. Then you got the rest of us who just go with the flow. So how do we motivate ourselves and others? It’s quite simple, really! Following T.I.M.E (of course, we never get enough of it!) we can achieve anything. Let’s start off with a good story I made, no?

Late Again…
Peter Angrilburr was a regular man living his traditional life in a drag. 5:00 AM the alarm would go off, 5:13 he would actually wake up. By 5:22 he was showering and prepping into a rigid black suit. By 6:00 AM Peter was out of the door, stopping at Starbucks five minutes away to get a simple cappuccino. He would chat with his good pal, Brant Michaelson, about their dream cars and the awfully regular weather then say his farewells. In all honesty, he could care less about Brant, but it was expected courtesy.

Peter arrived at work, and lounged in his cubical, fidgeting with his Starbucks coffee and printer. Of course, the 36-year-old man had a 40-page business plan and agenda to write by Friday… and it was already Wednesday. Time ticked away like a bomb, Friday drawing nearer. At last, lunch break came and Peter had written only 5 pages, laughing all the while at viral videos on YouTube. He knew the importance of getting things done, but how could he?



Now Peter is like a lot of us, but I know with this adventure we will help him, Brant, you, I, and the whole world gain a bucket load of motivation.


T for Time.
As amusing as Peter Angrilburr’s life sounds, we all can relate to it in some way. Living life on repeat, getting only a fraction of what we need done. The very first step in achieving motivation is the T in T.I.M.E. What does this stand for? Time. We need to open up our schedules and make time. At the end of this I will give you an exercise to experiment with this and see how much time you are really using. Once you see that, trust me, you will be making more time in a flash.

I for Imagination/Inspiration.
The next big thing is actually two things (just like in S.M.I.L.E, oh imagine that!): imagination and inspiration. Always, whether learning to be happy, battling a dragon in a book, or gaining motivation, these two words will always come hand in hand. Use your imagination and get creative! Look at your life, read articles on amazing people, and explore your options. Get inspired. Get imaginative. You can find so many ways to open up your time and get things done. Whether you build a contraption stretching across your room in random strings and pulleys or invent a new game to keep yourself motivated, do it!

M for Movement.
Movement is what gives our souls energy to thrive. We must move, move, move, every day. So how does that help us? How can we use it? Simple! Take two different scenarios: One, Peter Angrilburr spends his morning as he does now, laying in bed for a good while before getting up, dressing, and leaving. Second, imagine Peter getting up a bit earlier to do yoga, go for a walk around the block, or even a quick run or exercise. This wakes up his mind and also allows him time to think and organize his ideas for the day!



Yoga is one thing I really recommend to everyone! From building strength, flexibility, and allowing a calm and thoughtful mind spill into the atmosphere, you will always benefit from it. Give yoga a shot sometime, my friends!


E for Energy.
Energy, like movement, is extremely powerful. Sure, we have all sorts of energy, from physical, mental, emotional, and so forth. With the M in T.I.M.E we are building a physical and mental energy, making the blood pump and mind race. Yet the second kind I want us to focus on is positive light. Start thinking positively, give yourself compliments as you get ready, smile, and walk out of that door with shining eyes. Just boosting your self-esteem, confidence, and happiness every morning will really make you more motivated.

What Now?

My friends, we have made it so far in our search for motivation! T.I.M.E (and dreaded time) is the essence of everything. If we want to achieve great things and make the most of our time, then we must grab that motivation and rein it in. So how can we do this?

Gaining more time.
Let’s do this right now, you and me. Write down a rough schedule of your day. Either remember it from in general or write things down as you go through the hours. Once you have the list, separate all your activities into School/Work, Entertainment, Sleep, and Other (eating, and such). Calculate approximate hours and even make a pie or graph chart! Now buckle in your seat belt (or hide in the corner) because this might be a bit scary. Regardless your age, I bet your Entertainment – which also includes just messing around with stuff – is sky-high. I’ll let you make the choice on how you approach the issue. But I wish you the best of luck!

Living environment.
For your next experiment on gathering more motivation, I want us all to do a simple thing. Make your home, work, or school environment more creative. Inspirational quotes, organized area (no clutter!), open windows, photographs, a good cup of tea, and some succulent plants. Succulent plants are nice because they are vivid green and beautiful but do not require a ton of water and care. If you are feeling real fancy, go ahead and repaint or redecorate. Make your bed every morning, reorganize your collections, and just be yourself!



Dream big, for motivation, is yours to keep. Freshen up your environment and you are good to go!


Now that we all have our ideas settled, let’s see the motivation come! I believe in you guys, and I know you can achieve anything you put your mind to. So together? Together. Let’s do this.

Until next time,

Ashlee G., Author of Creative Thinking Well

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  1. Awesome..
    But if possible pls write a blog on people who dont have great dreams but they just want a simple and happy life.
    And pls checkout my blog.
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    Thnk u

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  2. Thanks for sharing, it is always great to read someone else’s perspective on this topic! I myself rely a lot on accountability to help me stay motivated. Seems to be the best inspiration for me!

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  3. This is solid stuff, thank You for writing it! x

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  4. your blog has seriously motivated me thanx a lot

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  6. It was really motivational.
    Enjoyed reading post

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