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XPN Pow Wow! [Q&A + Share your blog!]

Hey, everyone! Glad to have you back for another session. Let’s keep it going, shall we?

Heres this weeks round of questions submitted by you! Once again I’ll start =]

I went ahead answered all of the questions listed but feel free to answer as many as you’d like. Once again, at the end of your answer(s) please also submit A question you would like to see next week!

Safty Third (Aka Josh) asks:

Do you write your posts with an average word cap? Are there exceptions to that rule? Why?  

My post has ranged from 400-1200 words. I prefer the shorter blurbs for a blog post.  I realize the longer post can be split up into segments for future posts. But then again I haven’t been following any set rule and will write until I have said everything I can think of for the topic I’m writing on. ( I’m sure you’ve all noticed my theme has been Why? =D )

Check out Josh’s latest post below!


David, a veteran blogger who writes for three blogs asks:

What is the one thing you have done that was most successful at spreading your message, i.e. increasing your readership?

For me, being consistent has fundamental. Every day I will spend an hour or more promoting & engaging as much as I can.  Recently I’ve added a link to my blog on my Instagram account and I’ve noticed a new flow of visitors from Instagram. This being said, going forward I’ve decided to increase my social media presence on Facebook & Instagram. Interesting enough, the idea to start a podcast has also been brewing in the back of my mind. If anything starting a podcast would be an awesome learning experience for me.

Check out the blogs David writes for below! ( My favorite is his daily gratitude space )




Sheila K, author of Capricious Cadence asks:

How and when do you make time for writing?

I write daily in my pocket mod. But when it comes to a blog post or a script it is a different story. I enjoy writing with a “clean slate” and nothing on the back burner. So usually I will only write once all of the major tasks for the day/week are done and out of the way.

Check our Sheila’s latest blog post!


Maddie, the author of shatterthefourthwall, asks:

What is your biggest regret?

Regrets, I can say with confidence I have little to none. For me, life is a continuous learning experience and if a mistake is made I seek to learn from it rather than to dwell on it. If anything it would be that fact in my past I have started many things and have never “finished”. This can be attributed to my gold fish attention span and the fact I have been always eager to challenge myself with something new.

Check out Maddie’s blog here!


Lizzie, Author of cooking and crumble asks:

What is your favorite post [Topic] to blog about?

If the inspiration comes to me it is anything topic where I am able to add humor. I enjoy all things that make a person laugh so when I’m able to write something funny it will bring a smile to my face.

Check out Lizzie’s latest post below!


And one from me:

What is one song you can play on loop over and over? Why?

This verse says it all.

It’s funny how the music put times in perspective
Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it
Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking and we can get far
Wherever you are


See ya next session!


~ Kickz


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7 replies

  1. Do you write your posts with an average word cap? Are there exceptions to that rule? Why?  

    Much like XP, I don’t have a certain word count is am looking for. I write until my message is conveyed and then I stop. I do always go back and make sure it is clearly conveyed which sometimes means adding more and other times means deleting parts that don’t add to the message.

    What is the one thing you have done that was most successful at spreading your message, i.e. increasing your readership?

    My question so I sort of want to skip it, but recently I have written a few posts for other sites in my genre that are far more popular than mine. It is an opportunity to share with more people and hopefully get my name and message out there.

    How and when do you make time for writing?

    I don’t do this well with the exception of my gratitude blog. I promised myself I would write in it every night so I don’t go to sleep without doing it. That leads to some less than stellar posts but my intent was to take that time to be grateful everyday so even a crappy post fulfills my purpose.

    What is your biggest regret?

    My biggest regret is how much time i have wasted and continue to waste, and more specifically the time I could have spent with my kids. Those are the best times of my life and the reason I claim to do what I do, but I don’t use that time as well as I should.

    What is your favorite post [Topic] to blog about?

    Airplanes would be the short answer, but in getting deeper I would say anything I feel a connection to. Often I don’t realize it until after I am done writing, but I always know after I write if it was something that really mattered to me or something I am forcing, and I always find more joy in those things that matter.

    What is one song you can play on loop over and over? Why?

    Only one? That is a tough one. Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It was the song for our first dance at my wedding, I love the split nature of the song, and it is a good reminder of the promises I made to the people I love most.

    I have recently heard this idea numerous times as what holds people back from achieving greatness so my question is: Do you think you are afraid of success?


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    • Hey Dave! Thanks again for chiming in much appreciated. I’m toying with the idea of having short podcast segment for XP nuggets would you be interested? Very informal more of a showcase of who you are as a person highlighting you and your blogs. A meet and greet so to speak. The aim is for the whole segment to be a fun and learning experience for everyone involved. If not no problem! Just throwing it out there =)

      Btw Red Jumpsuit – Awesome band & awesome song.

      Thanks again!


  2. Do you write your posts with an average word cap? Are there exceptions to that rule? Why?

    I try to keep my posts between 400 and 600 words, but I won’t let the cap stop me if I can’t finish my message.

    What is the one thing you have done that was most successful at spreading your message, i.e. increasing your readership?

    I think consistency, and also being active in the blogging community. I think that it’s important for me to read if I want to be read, so I read posts and I interact with other bloggers when I can.

    What is your biggest regret?

    Oh gee. I could write a post about regret, but also about redemption. I think that my biggest regret right now was not staying in Bishop last night and climbing more mountains. Instead we drove south and climbed at some hideous sport crag in Big Bear… On the bright side, it got me off the road and back to the blog ;]

    What is your favorite post [Topic] to blog about?

    I typically write adventure oriented posts that are centered in rock climbing. I pretty much live part time on the road climbing.

    What is one song you can play on loop over and over? Why?

    I wish I could just put my whole free solo (ropeless climbing) playlist on here. I think right now I’d have to say Sylvan Esso – Uncatena. I was soloing Cathedral Peak in Yosemite yesterday when this song played and I just stopped and had the biggest smile–it felt like my face was cramping I was smiling so intensely, and I just felt so freaking grateful to be alive.

    :::::: Sorry for the late reply. As my reply may indicate, I’ve been off living in my car traveling the High Sierra of California! Looking forward to next week!!!!


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    • Hey saftythird! Thanks for chiming in again much appreciated! That sure does sound like an awesome moment having your song pop up at a time like that. Reading about it even made me smile.

      Would you be interested in a podcast project I’d like to try? Basically, a meet and greet highlighting you and your blog. We would chat via google hangouts or a platform such as CAST or Anchor. And if you like how it goes we then go on and turn it into a blog post =]

      Oh, no question of your own for next week?

      Thanks again!

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  3. Average word cap?
    I’m finding more and more that readers are losing interest if a post is too lengthy. I am one of those readers. 😉 I try to hit at least 200 words and not to write more than five paragraphs, each on the shorter side.

    …spreading your message, i.e. increasing your readership?
    Keywords and photo alt text / descriptions. I sometimes post about hot topics in the world today, but I usually just write whatever I want and is important to me. If I wanted to one day make a profit from my blog, I’d put more effort into gaining readership. For now, I’m not too concerned about numbers. If one person gains something from anything I write, I’m satisfied.

    How and when do you make time for writing?
    I obviously struggle with this since it’s my question. Haha! I like quiet time in the morning or to hang out in a coffee shop and write. There may be big gaps in my blog posting, but I write almost daily in a handwritten journal.

    What is your biggest regret?
    This one is very personal. I drove 850 miles to get back home when my dad was in home hospice. I got in very late and decided to stay at my in-law’s house with my girls and go to my dad’s in the morning. When I walked in the door the next morning, he had just stopped breathing. I will always kick myself for not going straight over the night before.

    What is your favorite post [Topic] to blog about?
    I like to write about whatever I feel passionately about at the moment. I also like to toss in some short inspiration or quotes or “funnies”.

    What is one song you can play on loop over and over? Why?
    Kashmir … because Led Zeppelin

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    • Hi Sheila thanks for chiming in again! I’ve found writing in coffee shops to be a great spot to write for myself also. There’s something about being in a public atmosphere that pushes me to write and be productive I can’t quite put a finger on it.

      Thanks for sharing about your father, I can’t imagine the thoughts the next morning…and I hope to learn from your experience.

      ~Awesome song cant go wrong with Led Zeppelin


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