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Would you help me kindly? [XPN Podcast]

Hi, everyone. Here’s an idea that has been brewing in the back of my mind. In light of the XPN Sunday Pow Wow, I’d like to create an audio section for XP Nuggets where we would highlight fellow bloggers and individuals that would like to be “interviewed”. I envision it as something very informal. A meet and greet of who you are as a person and highlighting you and your blog.

I hope to keep the conversation fun and engaging. So listeners can learn about you and be entertained while doing so.  So if you are interested drop a line in the comments! I would be very grateful if you’d help me start this new endeavor.

By doing this I hope to learn from others, develop my skill set and give back by promoting you!

Thanks again!

~ JR Kickz

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23 replies

  1. I’m always interested in a good chat with good people. I think my favorite podcasts come across as just that. It really doesn’t matter the topic either.
    It is fun to feel like you are almost eavesdropping on successful friends chatting. I’d love to help, just drop me a line.

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  2. This sounds like an awesome idea! I’d love to help!

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  3. Sounds awesome! I’m down if you’ll have me.

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  4. JR This sounds like a great idea. I would be happy to help you out, in this unique oportunity

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  5. I would be willing. I’m not sure if my vantage point of being older (68) and an active rider and competitor in the horse world would be of interest. I am also a survivor of colorectal cancer and systemic scleroderma and I like to encourage others who are dealing with a serious illness. Contact me if you think there is anything I could talk about that would be of interest to your readers. I will not take offence in the least if you think they are interested in other things and more youthful things.

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  6. Sounds fun! If you need one more, I’m in.

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  7. Bonjour! I think that is a great idea! Thanks for finding my blog and now I have found yours!!

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