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XPN Sunday Pow Wow #3 [Q&A + Share Your Blog]

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great week and here’s this weeks round of questions.

The way it works is every week readers submit their answers to the questions in the comments section along with a question they would like to see next week.  You can choose to answer as many of the questions you’d like. I understand sometimes a question can be sensitive in nature and one wouldn’t want to answer it. Commenters are also encouraged to share their blog so readers can find out more about them.

Thank you for supporting this project and I hope you enjoy reading and taking part!

 David chimes in with:

Do you think you are afraid of success?

Today, I see myself as successful and I am grateful for everything God has given me. I define my success by the simple fact that in all aspects of my life I choose to do what I do. Lets put it this way, tomorrow isn’t a guarantee and I  would like to look on the positive side of things. I’d like to think, with every day, I live and breathe success.

I can see how one can fear success in its most used definition. Fame, Money, Wealth. I would imagine it’s more of the fear of the attention that comes with success. One would be in the “Public eye” so to speak. Once there everything you do can be criticized or mocked. Afraid of this? I’m aware of it and I see it as a price that must be paid along with “success.”
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Josh checks in with:

Have you ever been too embarrassed, insecure or worried about how a post will be received to post it on your blog? What and why?

Every single time. I’ve gotten better as time goes on but for me, it’s always there. For example my first blog post Why do we Blog?  – I woke up the next morning wanting to take it down. I guess it’s that little voice of doubt that whispers in the back of your mind. I usually counter back with self-talk and I get over it. I imagine it as a never ending battle between doubt and hope. I’m thankful hope always wins.

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And one from me,

What is one of your happiest moments in life? Why?

It’s odd having to answer your own question, isn’t it? Here’s one I can share. For my profession, you need to take a “board exam”. Now if I didn’t pass this exam my prospect for finding a job would be slim to none and I’d have to wait a good amount of time to retake it. If you haven’t been to an official testing center, imagine a room where each person is in their own little cubicle, there’s dead silence and you are being watched by a camera. I remember sitting in the exam room, taking the test and thinking to myself “Oh…I’m gonna fail..”.Even though I finished the exam, I rechecked my answers over and over again. It’s one of the tests where you are able to get your result the instant you clicked submit. And I dreaded seeing the word FAIL. Then the moment came when I gained the courage to submit. “Click.” The letters on the screen were P A S S. My reaction, priceless. I instantly jumped off my seat and gave out a silent YEAHHHHHHHH!!  with a clenched fist in the air to boot. The security guy through the window was laughing and gave me a thumbs up. That moment I’ll never forget.


Till next week!

JR “Kickz”

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  1. Thanks again! I really enjoy this!

    Do you think you are afraid of success?

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that I’m afraid of success, but that I’m not all that willing to put in the consistent effort that it takes to meet the standard of success here in the United States. I’ve had it, and I just found that building equity and having capital gains wasn’t really a value that suited me personally. I think that I’m afraid of letting my dreams of success compromise me as an individual, but when I define success for myself–a concept tailored to me–I think it gives me the drive to live out and achieve my dreams.

    Have you ever been too embarrassed, insecure or worried about how a post will be received to post it on your blog? What and why?

    There is a large portion of my life that is oriented towards recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and I think that it’s that side of me that I get most insecure about. As far as shying away from posting something–I had a post about my ex-fiance who died in 2010, and I had it scheduled to publish, but then I just backed out of it and deleted the post before it was released.

    What is one of your happiest moments in life? Why?

    That’s a really hard question–even as I sit here somewhat depressed and crippled–because I seem to have what I call “A-HA” moments all the time. I’ll go with the most recent because I smiled so hard on the way down that my cheeks started to cramp. I was on a climbing trip recently, and my climbing partner needed a rest day, and we were 30 minutes outside of Yosemite, so I asked if he minded me running up to Cathedral Peak for a little jaunt, and he was totally down. So I was able to venture up 700ft of vertical rock ropeless and listening to my favorite tunes in one of my favorite places in the world. I just remember giggling like a giddy child 3/4 of the way up and telling myself, “You’re moving too fast, dude, you really need to just slow down and soak this in a bit.” And so I took my earbuds out and sat on this ledge and screamed at the top of my lungs, “I LOVE MY LIFE!” I actually have a post on that whole experience coming out in the coming week.

    Next Weeks Question:
    When it comes to work, are you passionate about what you do, or do you make a compromise with work so that you can have the means to live the lifestyle you want to live?

    Check out my blog @ https://saftythird.com/

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    • Great pieces of knowledge here Josh. I loved what you said at the end about success. We each must define what that is for ourselves. The older I get the more I realize that no monetary amount will ever equate to success for me. Money is important to survive but it does not generate real happiness.

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  2. Heyyy Josh! I think you touched on a great point on success. Each person has their own view on success and one shouldn’t limit only see it in terms of capital.

    I agree some topic’s can be too personal, if you aren’t comfortable with it being out there don’t post it.

    700FT rock ropeless. The focus to pull that off without fear or falling crippling you. Be safe Josh! Looking forward to reading about the experience.

    Also, I’ve tried to reach you via email to setup our chat. Were you able to get the mail?

    Thanks again for taking time out of your day to chime in!

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  3. Thanks as always for doing this. I forcing myself to think and introspect every week.
    Do you think you are afraid of success?
    I think my definition of success is rapidly changing in recent months. If I am being honest there will always be a monetary aspect to it because if I can’t support my family then I am not successful no matter how much fun I am having or how good I feel.
    With that being said I think I am afraid of success at times because I have grown so used to complaining and feeling like I can’t get to where I want to be that I am afraid to leave that comfort zone. It seems counterintuitive but we all like living in a zone where we feel comfortable. I am working hard to change that though.
    Have you ever been too embarrassed, insecure or worried about how a post will be received to post it on your blog? What and why?
    Yes I have, and I clicked publish anyway. I have recently read from multiple successful writers that if you aren’t at least a little nervous you shouldn’t post anything. The reason being that quality writing comes from the heart and is personal which means people could attack something special to you, or even just not appreciate it as much as you, and that can hurt. I can think of one comment that actually got me to stop writing for a few months, and is something I still struggle with years later. It can be super hard to put yourself out there, but I also find that I am most successful when I feel a little uncomfortable.
    That being said there certainly are experiences that are too personal to share. Some things just shouldn’t be tossed into the public domain.
    What is one of your happiest moments in life? Why?
    I realize it is cliche, but being there when my kids were born takes the cake. I hate to be exclusionary, but it really is something you don’t fully comprehend until you see that little life come into the world. It is that perfect mix of terrifying and happy that accompanies many great experiences.
    Who do you write for and why do you write for them?
    Check out my blog: http://www.aviationguy.com

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    • I totally relate with being stuck in a comfort zone. I think that is seriously one of the hardest passages to make. It reminds me of the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. I think the fear of settling into a mundane and uninspiring, but comfortable and safe, life scared me enough to start climbing–something I’d always wanted to do but was to scared to try. To push myself to that next level I had to take some risks.

      When I first read the happiest moments of life question the first answer that came to my mind was the day my kids were born. I don’t have kids though.

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  4. Okay, so this is great and seems rather interesting. Kudos to you for doing this.
    Am I afraid of success ?
    Well I guess it’s too early a stage for me in my life to articulate what success is. However, I would say that I am not afraid of either success or failure. I am not afraid of life. I am rather afraid of not having tasted either.
    Have you ever been too embarrassed, insecure or worried about how a post will be received to post it on your blog? What and why?
    Ummmm I guess no. I started blogging for a reason other than my passion. It was to voice my opinion and m not shy, embarrassed, afraid of even remotely concerned about the reception of my posts. While there is a large number of readers that might agree to what I write , there is an equally large or even larger number that might not appreciate it. I would rather agree to disagree than keep mum.

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    • Also, I do agree to the fact that there are certain things that are labelled private and personal and that is rightfully so. It’s a person’s sole discretion to open up and voice opinions about topics that he or she might feel comfortable with.

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  5. Hey bloggers & readers! Check out my posts at https://allinorallout.com and may be we could all come up with more questions to post in the next week.

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