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Sunday Pow Wow #4 [Q&A + Share your Blog ]

Hey, everyone, I hope you all had an amazingly productive week and here’s this weeks round of questions.

The way it works is every week readers submit their answers to the questions in the comments section along with a question they would like to see next week.  You can choose to answer as many of the questions you’d like. I understand sometimes a question can be sensitive in nature and one wouldn’t want to answer it. Commenters are also encouraged to share their blog so readers can find out more about them.

Thank you for supporting this project and I hope you enjoy reading and taking part!















When it comes to work, are you passionate about what you do, or do you make a compromise with work so that you can have the means to live the lifestyle you want to live?


I enjoy my job, it pays the bills. For me, it has been a means to an end.  I do have a fear of having to do the same thing over and over for the rest of my life. I’m hoping to redefine my skill set in the next few years so this does fear does not become a reality.



Who do you write for and why do you write for them?


Awesome question David, I hope readers today take the time to answer this even if they only answer it to themselves. I write for a number people and reasons. One is I’m hoping to have children one day, and I have this crazy idea that one day all my blog post on Why? will be turned into a book.

You know how they sell video game guides to first-time game buyers? This is how I envision my book for my children. It might not turn out to be the best guide but it’s something where they can sort get ahead start in life. Learn from mistakes I’ve made.

As a child, I always thought it was fascinating to read my fathers journal and I hope to give the same gift to my children.

I’m also writing for myself in a sense and others who need that little pick me up when they are struggling. I’ve been in dark places before and sometimes all you need is a little push. I hope to give that to people.




Do you think the concept of religion is overrated?

I’ll start by rephrasing the question, as Do I think think the concept of religion is necessary?

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I wish religion didn’t separate humans. I do believe it’s necessary for growth as an individual, family, and community.  The only aspect  I wish somehow could be changed is a simple fact that religion divides people.


And one from XP NUGGETS

What is one book you’ve read to improve any aspect of your life?

I’d encourage anyone that wants to improve their ability to communicate in any setting read “Leil Lowndes: How to talk to anyone 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships” A masterclass book. I’m impressed with the amount of “Nuggets” you will pick up by reading the book.  It’s a fun read and has made me want to have more and more conversations with people despite my introverted nature.


I hope you all are enjoying taking the time to read or answer the questions as much I am!

Till next time!



P.S. Thank you very much to those that have expressed interest in a podcast session,& I will get to you soon! I’ve scheduled meetups with the first few individuals and will be connecting with everyone that expressed interest as we go along! Thanks again!


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  1. Hey, hey! Once again, thanks for continuing this thing! I’m always eager to see what the questions are and start getting honest with myself! These questions really had me thinking hard this week.

    Are you passionate about what you do, or do you make a compromise with work so that you can have the means to live the lifestyle you want to live?

    Passion is something that I’ve been trying to bring to all areas of my life. When it came to work I had allowed my identity to become dependent on my title, and I was miserable. I quit my job, and reevaluated how I wanted to spend my time on this planet. I just know I don’t want to spend more of my life working than living.
    These days I work for myself as an independent contractor and consultant, and it allows for me to live the lifestyle I want to live–not the one that I think I should. And that’s kind of what “safety third,” means. It’s the idea of going outside the conventions of our society, and re-imagining our lives so that we can have a passionate experience with minimal compromise.

    Who do you write for and why do you write for them?

    That’s an amazing question, and one that I hope all writers ask themselves.
    So recently I’ve been really promoting this idea of “the narrative,” and that even if an audience isn’t familiar with what your hobbies are, like my climbing, they are familiar with a human experience, and that when we communicate that experience effectively we can reach anybody who’s interested in a story.
    I write for myself, because writing is a way I can be introspective, but I also write for anybody who will read. I try not to make absolute statements, and I don’t get political because, one, I’m not inclined to write about that stuff, and two, because I don’t want to alienate or exclude anybody.
    I think the why of it is that while I don’t think I have any profound answers, I believe that I have quality ideas that might help people to re-evaluate and advocate for themselves in this world. Also, I think it’s important to keep the narrative alive and for us to keep sharing our stories and selves with others.

    Do you think the concept of religion is overrated?

    I don’t think that personal belief is ever “overrated,” but sometimes that it can be unhealthy. That being said, I know plenty of people who are devout in their faith who are absolute models of what these systems offer. Ultimately, I think the systemic aspect of organized religion is a little political and that it can really influence members to take certain stances and be of unified opinions against certain groups and practices. Can you hear me tip toeing around this? I’ll just finish like this: I wish that religion was more focused on individuals practicing those principles rather than trying to influence their beliefs on larger groups and societies.

    What is one book you’ve read to improve any aspect of your life?

    This will be a cliche answer (I hope), but I think The Alchemist is probably the most concise, well written, and interesting self-realization book out there. I remember the first time I read it I was in the shoes of the boy, the main character, and then a few years later I read the book and I was the “crystal merchant,” which terrified me and affected the changes that brought me to where I am today. I hope that one day I read it and don’t find myself until The Alchemist enters the tale, but only time will tell.

    Next Weeks Question:

    Who’s the most influential person in your life? Why?

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    • Hey saftythird! I enjoyed reading your responses. I liked the backstory of saftythird it has a great message behind it. And yes I read the tip-toeing, excellent response nonetheless =] Now I have to re-read the alchemist again ~ The only thing i can recall is amount of confidence and inspiration it left me after reading it. I wonder if it will still have the same effect today. Interesting how you identified with the boy the first time and the crystal merchant the second time around.

      Thanks again for chiming in! Much, much appreciated without responses like yours this project would not be able to continue =]

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    • Let me just say I think you nail “the narrative”. I know a little about climbing but not much and I always feel inspired by your message.

      Never read The Alchemist, but it is on my list now.

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  2. Do i have answer one of the same questions listed in your blog!?

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  3. Wow, these are quite detailed questions here! I love seeing all these replies and thoughts. Let’s see…
    Are you passionate about what you do, or do you make a compromise with work so that you can have the means to live the lifestyle you want to live?
    Well, I am still in school so work does not apply here. But putting in context of what I see in my future as work, I feel a good balance is important. I want a job where I can pay the bills, live comfortably, and be happy. As for passion, I feel that is a great thing! A definite bonus if you are lucky enough to find a job that pays, is in high demand, and you love. As long as I am not beyond upset with what I do, and it is not affecting my well being, then I can tolerate it.
    Who do you write for and why do you write for them?
    Fantastic question! For XP Nuggets, I write to everyone who needs a good boost of creative thinking, inspiration, and motivation. My goal is to open up a new horizon of thinking so people can live happy, fulfilled lives and spread the joy. On my other blog, I write to people of all ages in order to give them the arts (writing, artwork, photography, poetry, etc.) and to build a community of other creative, artistic thinkers. Considering both blogs, I write to everyone to better the world and build a long lasting community and memories for every soul who reads my work.
    Do you think the concept of religion is overrated?
    Well, that is a complicated subject to analyze for anyone. I do not feel it is necessarily “overrated” but I do feel it divides us as people. I feel religion is a big part of many people’s lives, and quite important, because it builds character, communities, and a spiritual understanding of one’s self. I just feel that if we could be religious in our ways yet not be divided that the term “religion” would be seen in an even more positive light.
    What is one book you’ve read to improve any aspect of your life?
    Gosh, that is hard! I am an avid reader in numerous genres, and even the most unlikely books have changed my lives. See, I don’t typically read with the intent of improving my well being, but with the interest of discovering a fascinating story (and sometimes inspiration for my own works). Yet when it comes down to it, 3 books/series have really opened up my horizons and improved everything in my life. First off, regardless of being fantasy, the Harry Potter series taught me so much. Bravery, a better vocabulary, and the importance of good relations with friends and family. It also gave me so much creativity and inspiration. Second, comes To Kill a Mockingbird. This was a beautiful story that really taught me compassion and opened my eyes to equality and love. Third, that really means a lot to me is The Diary of Anne Frank. Her story is beautiful and heartbreaking, and like To Kill a Mockingbird, it opened my horizons. Having been quite young at a time, my eyes were narrowed to a specific mindset. I learned not only history and culture but again aspects of life like family that means a lot to me. Can I narrow it down? No, not likely. But those three were greatly important and changed so much!
    Next week’s question (hopefully not asked yet?):
    – A big topic recently is technology. Do you feel our technological advancements will eventually become hazardous to humans or continuously beneficial and why? Also, how do you feel about the idea of independent war robots (robots with self-thought)?

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    • Forgive me in advance for sounding critical, but you are far too young to do something that you only find tolerable no matter how much it pays. Check that. No one should ever do something that they simply find tolerable.
      That doesn’t mean that we all get to have a career that we are totally passionate about, but that is because we often get it backwards. Mark Cuban tells people not to work work where they are passionate, but to follow your work and you will find your passion.
      It’s okay to not do you favorite thing for work, in fact it may be better that way, but tolerating anything you have the choice to leave is just wasting your time.
      I love what you said about the books. The sign of a good book to me is one that moved you to action and or moved you emotionally. It doesn’t matter that they are fiction or fantasy. If they touch your heart that is what matters.

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      • Thank you for the input, David! As for the work aspect, I suppose it really depends on who you ask. I’ve had people tell me that as long as they are capable at their job and it pays the bills that it works, since most usually will not become passionate about their job. Then I’ve also had others tell me what you said there. I do like that point though! To follow your work and find passion. Ah yes, for books the best ones – and really the only that I read – are ones I connect to and that move me.

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  4. Okay here goes, I’m sorry I missed #s 1-3
    1.Passion at work. I always do my best to do my job to the extent that I have exceeded expectations. This is not always possible, so I do the job according to the way I would want someone else to do it If I were directing the work.
    2. Who I write for. I write for any who might be helped from my experience on my journey waking up from addiction and self-centered fear.
    3. Religion as a concept. I have examined this extensively in my life. Throughout all religion is a golden thread of love at its core. The problem arises when coupled with man’s lust for power and control, in scripture interpretation. My relationship with the creator is very personal and believe it should be with everyone, even, not believing.
    4. Awareness- by Anthony de Mello

    When you relish, when the leader of the Party you are on the other side from is made to appear bad in the press-What does that say about you?

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  5. Nice thought! This q and a session

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  6. Great work again with the questions guys. I love working my brain so hard.
    When it comes to work, are you passionate about what you do, or do you make a compromise with work so that you can have the means to live the lifestyle you want to live?
    I would say a little of both right now but I am working to change that. Let me explain. I love what I do most of the time, but there are certain aspects of my job I really hate. That is true of pretty much every profession but what I don’t like is my inability to effect change in those things I hate. I would just leave but contracts aren’t so easily broken. I am also using the income as a resource while I pursue a career more fully in line with my passion.
    Choices in the past didn’t get me where I wanted to be and so I have to ride it out while at the same time making the best of it until I can love the life I truly desire.
    Who do you write for and why do you write for them?
    Man I have great questions. I wish the answers were easier.
    Like many of you this has multiple parts. I write for me because I find it therapeutic. Focusing my mind on something I enjoy and putting it in print is incredibly fulfilling for me.
    I write my aviation blog to hopefully inspire young people to fly. General Aviation is dying in America and it makes me.sad to see that happen.so I am hoping I can somehow help other people to realize how amazing it is and that it is worth the time and money.
    Do you think the concept of religion is overrated?
    I think the concept of religion has been distorted and in turn has become devalued. As someone else mentioned, love is at the heart of pretty much every religion but for some reason people have made religions exclusionary and divisive instead of inclusionary.
    The principles of a religion should benefit all of society while at the same time edifying the follower. Unfortunately, many people have turned to only looking to edify the individual often at the expense of society.
    What is one book you’ve read to improve any aspect of your life?
    I feel Ashlee’s pain as there so many good ones, but I will go with the one that most recently changed my whole outlook on life. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl is eye opening in terms of how you should look for meaning in your life. It was written by an Auschwitz survivor and literally changed my outlook on almost everything.
    Next week’s question:
    What do you think the best thing you have to offer to society is?

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  7. I guess it just depends on our values. I do work I can hardly tolerate sometimes, but it affords me an amazing lifestyle outside of work. What I can say from experience, is that I once had a tolerable career, and over some years the monotonous routine seemingly ate a hole in my soul until I just became this rote processing machine who was screaming at people at rush hour. I guess just be happy, and if that tolerable career stops working don’t wait! Don’t settle for average!

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  8. Somebody said once that if you want to know your passion you should, ask yourself if you would do that something without being paid, to me that is writting however when am trying to write for money, it takes some of the enjoyment away and i hate the tension but i need the money so..

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