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Pow Wow #5 [Q&A]

Hey, Everyone! I’m enjoying the project and this week’s round of questions have given me much to think on. I find myself struggling to search within myself to answer some of them.  Introspectively I’ve found that it is been difficult to put my thoughts into words. Especially when it comes to elaborating on the ideas I stand on. That being said, this project been forcing me to sit down understand myself and who I am as a person. Going forward I hope to become more fluent in expressing my thoughts and ideas.

So again thanks for reading and taking part & Here is this week’s round of questions!

The way it works is every week readers submit their answers to the questions in the comments section along with a question they would like to see next week.  You can choose to answer as many of the questions you’d like. I understand sometimes a question can be sensitive in nature and one wouldn’t want to answer it. Commentators are also encouraged to share their blog so readers can find out more about them.

Thank you for supporting this project and I hope you enjoy reading and taking part!



Who’s the most influential person in your life? Why?

At this point in my life, the person who has the most influence on me would have to be my wife. What I’ve learned from being in a relationship is that every decision no matter how small it may seem to me, I have to remember to take my life partner into account. How does this affect her? Does it align with our goals and aspirations for life? Does she really want to eat pizza for dinner? xD

AshleeG with two questions! Lets say one is from  XP NUGGETS =D


Do you feel our technological advancements will eventually become hazardous to humans or continuously beneficial and why?

I think the two are directly correlated. Advancement in science can be used to destroy or to build. It all boils down to how we as humans apply new tech as it comes along.

Also, how do you feel about the idea of independent war robots (robots with self-thought)?

Scary. I agree with the thought leaders in the field of artificial intelligence. The use of AI in war should be banned. The idea you can mass produce drones with artificial intelligence is frightful. We’ve already seen how Elon Musk’s AI defeated some of the best professional DOTA players in the world with ease. And AI right now is in it’s infancy. The technology is only going to get better. The amount of destruction a AI Driven drone army can do would be devastating. Imagine if the technology gets into the hands of terrorist. Lets not go there please.



When you relish, when the leader of the Party you are on the other side from is made to appear bad in the press-What does that say about you?

Ruh-oh politics. I wish the focus would be more so on policy not on the public figures. If the leader of someones public party is seen in a negative light it doesn’t make the person who voted for said leader a bad person. It is distracting, focus on policy and solutions to the problems we face as a country.



What do you think the best thing you have to offer to society is?

Wow. Ok, let me take a stab at answering this. My legacy? In terms of my sphere of influence, I enjoy encouraging everyone around me. You got an idea? You want to create something? Alright lets make it happen, I’m with you. I’ll support you along the way. I think the world needs more people who encourage others. Its easy to put others down. There is already too many people out there bashing each other. I’d rather help create than to destroy.

Thanks again for reading and chiming in! Together we’ve taken the project into it’s 5th week! Woohoo! Is there anything you would like to see differently? Any comments or suggestions please do drop a line below!

P.S. I’m excited to begin the XPN podcast this week and hope to have the audio up next week!



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  1. Fun questions this week! Here it goes:

    Influence: The most influential person in my life right now has to be Peter Croft–a rock climbing legend. At first I thought he was just a badass, but then I got to meet and climb with him and find that getting outside is about so much more than just hard climbing. His humble presence and true love for the mountains has changed the way I view my adventures, and has allowed me to stop focusing so much on hard goals and instead to relish in the experience of being outside. It’s awesome, because although he’s one of the best at what he does, his climbing accomplishments shrink in comparison to what an awesome guy he is.

    Tech 1: I think that technology has tons of benefits, but that it is just as powerful as any drug. I think that we are already becoming divided from each other and ourselves as a result of our relationship with technology. Recently I’ve just been seeing parents neglecting paying attention to their children constantly and instead fixated on iPhone screens. It’s a dark side, but at the same time there’s this mass connectivity, like what we are doing here, and I think that is an amazing asset to my life for sure. In the future I just hope we can really be attentive to how much time we spend interacting with technology and monitor how we are changing with that constant connectivity.

    Tech 2: I think more alarming than war robots is that there are humans who are creating war robots, and furthermore than policymakers are able to persuade people that it is a logical place to allocate resources. Maybe instead of war robots we could have food robots who roam the world seeking hungry people and hooking them up with a nice free meal.

    Politics Question: Feels kind of loaded and directed at a specific group. I think that politics shouldn’t be about what color you wear, like which gang you’re a member of, but instead about affecting positive change. So what if you support the Red team, what if the Blue team has a good idea? This team concept is one of the vital errors I think. Rather than focusing on being united, we allow a party system to divide us. One side wants this, the other that, and they spend their energies thwarting each others goals. What does that say about us? That we’ve missed the whole point of why we gathered on this rock in the first place–to support each other and make the world a better place, not win some game.

    What I have to offer society? David, that’s an awesome question! I’ve thought a lot about this, because I am currently living on the fringes of society and have been hiding in the loopholes as a somewhat invisible person. Often times I think that I can use my skills and education to help affect change in our society, but most often I’m conflicted and tend to think that there is something rotten at the very core of this machine and that the solution is to lead forth into a new type of living which has entirely different values. On either side though, what I have to offer is leadership. I figure things out, and I take charge when things are in a state of indecision. I think that having the strength to stand alone and apart from a herd is a huge step towards change, and the more of us who are able to resist conforming to social acceptance, embracing our authenticity and individuality, the more others will question the roles they are playing in their own lives. Who knows, maybe I can inspire more people to quit their jobs and assume poverty like me ;] ;] ;] Or more realistically, I hope that I can just influence people to honestly ask themselves, “Am I really happy and living the life I want?”

    Next Weeks Question: How big of an influence does music play in your life? Do you think music has resulted in sculpting you into a person you wouldn’t be without it?

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  2. Hi All
    1. Influential person-My Mom- she instilled in me a positive attitude. I find the silver lining every time and work my way through difficult situations with the spirit of gratitude.
    2a I think AI has the potential to cause great harm to society if allowed to proceed unchecked.
    2b Truly independent war robots are a frightening thought.
    3. One of the leaders of the party I am not partial to is made to look like a fool or a criminal-I do take some pleasure in that, and I think we are all being led in that direction by the media. I like safetythird’s thought to see beyond party and find common ground so we can actually have a conversation instead of hating one another. I’ve read that the founders of The USA were opposed to parties but were unable to stop them
    4.I have a wholehearted desire to understand, be grateful and generous.

    Today’s question-Are you ready for Halloween?

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