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XPN [Q&A] #6

Heya readers! Once again I hope everyone had a great week. This week we were able to get a few interviews done and I’m looking forward to posting them soon. ( After slight editing and permission from our guest of course ! )

Anyway, Heres this week’s round of questions! [ A much easier batch ty for this xD ]

The way it works is every week readers submit their answers to the questions in the comments section along with a question they would like to see next week.  You can choose to answer as many of the questions you’d like. I understand sometimes a question can be sensitive in nature and one wouldn’t want to answer it. Commentators are also encouraged to share their blog so readers can find out more about them.

Thank you for supporting this project and I hope you enjoy reading and taking part!




How big of an influence does music play in your life? Do you think music has resulted in sculpting you into a person you wouldn’t be without it?

Thanks for the question Josh! Music has always been a part of me. I used to watch MTV, & VH1 before school every day as a kid. ( Back then it was only music videos. ) I played allot of guitar as a teen. And I had a good run with my best friends in a Highschool/College Band. So yeah allot of my influences early in life was based on my drive for music. I miss those days. Now I mostly listen to a few stations on Pandora. These days I’m big on instrumental music. It helps me stay focused and be more creative.



Are you ready for Halloween?

Thanks for the easy lighthearted question vapor! The recent string of questions were mind puzzles for me. I love Halloween. My favorite Holiday of the year. I’m not as crazy wild as I used to be. I’ve mellowed out and now I enjoy giving out candy in a Pumpkin Head Halloween costume from home 😉


And one from me, My favorite question, and also the question I’ve been ending the podcast with: What are you excited about?

I’m excited about allot of things. For one, this blog. I’ve really enjoyed sticking with this project. Usually something I get into only last for a few months or so haha. ( There’s a reason I mentioned rise and fall of a blog back in May ) And I can’t wait to do more interviews for the blog, the process has been tons of fun despite my nerves.   I’m also excited to be off for a whole Month in Oct. I’ll get to work on a bunch of writing projects I’ve been meaning to dig into. So yeah tons to be excited for and I think that everyone should at least have one small thing to be excited about. Be positive, excited and look towards the future, friends!


– Kickz







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5 replies

  1. What a week! I was at the gym climbing with my friend today and we were joking around about getting old; we had joked about knowing how to drive stick, the Xena Warrior Princess show, and remembering when VH1 and MTV played music videos! Anyways, I’m glad you’ve stayed psyched at kept up the blog, because it’s a rad deal you got going!
    Here’s my shot at this weeks questions!
    1. Music: Man, music has become such an integral part of my life that I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to live without it. To me, a life without music would be like a life without color.
    2. Halloween: I’m ready! I don’t know where I’ll be, or what I’m doing, but I’m definitely ready!
    3. Oh man, don’t get me started! Right now I’m excited to clean the house and get my life looking shiny and new! More long term I’m excited about a big climbing trip down in Mexico this winter. I’m also pretty psyched on these podcasts your working on!
    Thanks again for continuing this project!
    Next Week: What is your spirit animal?

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  2. First and foremost, thanks for the follow on my blog. I really appreciate it! Now onto answering the questions.
    1. Music: I too, can’t imagine having music in my life. So much of my life music brings me back to memories good and bad that have influenced and shaped my life. I too remember when VH1 and MTV only had music videos (definitely dating myself!). I listen to a lot of Praise and Worship songs now, grew up loving rock and roll and country too. It’s hard to imagine being in a world without music.
    2. Halloween – I look forward to this holiday in seeing all the cute costumes of kiddos that stop by for a treat and going out with my church to lend a hand to others during their time of need. And people need help every day of the year but seem more welcoming to strangers knocking on your door during the Halloween season.
    3.What am I excited about??? I am excited about this new journey I am on using Plexus Supplements. My Fibro pain is gone, I am up and moving so much better and my fatigue has taken a hike. In a million years if someone had told me taking these amazing supplements would have such an impact on my health, I would have laughed so hard. Now I am a believer. After living with horrific pain and agony for 10 years, I can do things I never thought would happen again.I can run after my grandchildren, take walks with my hubby and live again. Who wouldn’t be excited?
    I am new to your page, so I am not really sure what question to ask, hmmm………………………………….
    Next week: What are you grateful for? (If this question has already posted, please forgive the error)

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