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Thinking Without Walls

In a world full of people, what will make me stand out? My ideas? I feel a lot of us struggle with this concept of standing out in order to get the best job, a successful business, or first house. Think about it: 7.5 billion people here on Earth right now, 7.5 billion brains flowing with brilliant ideas. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Well, when it comes to life, I feel we all could use that something that makes us stand out. Ready to learn how?

Explore Cultures/History.
The world is quite a big place in terms of what we can travel. A great way to really open up the mind to a world without barriers is to simply explore. Talk to people of different cultures, read history, view photographs, or if possible, travel to these brilliant places. Learn the ways of life and apply your favored features into your own life and ways of thinking. You will be shocked at the change!



There are a ton of different cultures out there! For instance, I follow a lot of Native American beliefs on the importance of nature. I spend a lot of my time truly connecting with the Earth and all it’s beauty, in order to gather and form ideas. Feel free to explore and find what really fits you and your thinking.


Meditate on Thoughts.
Sometimes, instead of being out there exploring the cultures, we need to reflect upon ourselves. Take time to meditate or relax, contemplating your ways of thinking and how you could change or improve. Or simply spend time thinking. Thinking of new ways to live, explore life, and being yourself.

Be Yourself.
Adding onto that last point, truly let go and be yourself. Many of us hide our true personalities in order “better fit” into the box that society has built. Don’t do that – or if you must, do it less. Figure out who you really are, what you enjoy, and how you and you alone think. Avoid the box and think without walls! Take time out of your every day and do something you really enjoy, whether that be meditation, gaming, hiking, or even chatting with friends online.

Envision All.
Is there a particular life or event that you want but do not have? Then picture it. If you dream, you can achieve, I promise. Are you someone who wants to live in a tiny house, off the grid, on 40 acres? Then research, draw, and write about it! Daydream of yourself living that life, and if it still appeals after research, then achieve. How does this help with thinking? Simply put – you are thinking outside of that “box” by picturing what you can have if you apply yourself. Start dreaming big, my friend, no matter how crazy!



This kind of lifestyle isn’t for everyone of course, but I sure do love the idea. Find what fits you and use it to open your mind!


Where do I start?

This is actually pretty simple! I feel the ideas above are creative but achievable for all of us. To give a bit more guidance, here are some suggestions for you, especially focusing on that last point.

Make a Sketchbook: Here you can keep all the ideas you ever have. Want a tiny home? A mansion? A cottage in the woods? That perfect job? Sketch it out! Draw what your life would look like here. It doesn’t need to be pretty, even stickmen and stick houses would work, just let it be you. I also recommend writing along here too, really getting the details like you already have attained your goal.

Write Your Future: This is a really fun one as well. Either in your head or on paper (drawing works too!) give yourself an exact future. Following the goal above – say, a tiny house – what would you achieve with that goal? “I achieved the tiny house, and now I can raise puppies as service pets for other rural homesteaders.” etc. This is the more writing aspect of the idea above, so let loose!

Set Aside Time: I covered over this a bit in the first part. Yet I really want to make sure you set aside a good chunk of time (I know, it’s difficult but we all can) to do two things. First, to be yourself and rewind from the bustling life. Second, to meditate on thoughts and envisioning your ideas. Do this and not only will it help you become less stressful, but your mind will really start craving those goals.

Spend Time with Family and Friends: For some people, they are working the typical job for various reasons. Secure life, good money, and availability, among other things. Yet doing this, we often forget about those around us. We are most like ourselves around those whom we love. As like anything, who we are can be lost if not practiced enough, and family/friends bring out the best of us (usually). So spend some time with them!



Both nature and family/friends are vitally important to life. Not only does it bring out who you are, but it generally makes us happy, carefree, and quite alive. 


Simply putting? Be yourself. Live life freely. Love what you doIf you do these things, that wall around thought will break. You will be free to live the life you always wanted, whether you are currently 10, 50, or 85 years old. There is time for us all to truly reach those goals. I’m counting on you, go be wonderful, my friends!

Until next time,

Ashlee G., Author of Creative Thinking Well


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  1. I love this! Fantastic and helpful tips!

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  2. this is lovely. thank you for the suggestions!


  3. This is a wonderful post, full of wisdom.

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  4. This is awesome!! Love it.

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  5. This is a wonderful post; I haven’t read it thoroughly yet but I want to come back to it. There are plenty of wonderful pearls of wisdom in here ^-^

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  6. Great write-up!

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  7. Hi Ashlee,

    this is one great post. Be yourself is the most important for me. A lot of people just like to be like others, and hence they do not want to be their own.

    Thank you

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  8. This is beautiful! I love all your tips!
    Want to implement it in my life.

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  9. Very nice, very well written article, being I enjoyed the read I am going to reblog it for you.

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