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Ridding Yourself of “F.O.R.G.E.T.”

Ah yes, the project is going- Wait, what did you say again?” At one point or another, we all have had this moment – the sense of essentially going through a washing machine. You grasp one conversation, in full swing of details, when the next moment the connection abruptly ends. I think it is time we finally wrestle this weightless feeling to the ground. Not only will it boost our confidence, but also productivity, time management, and conversation skills. Let’s get started, no?

Personally, I find fantasizing things the key to success in many subjects. In our case of forgetfulness, fantasizing is queen. How does it aid you? If you fantasize the beautiful dinner you are going to make tonight, and perhaps picture it in your dream place – a castle, cabin, canoe – you are going to better remember the ingredients. In a conversation, picture the end goal and what it takes to get there. Plan what you are going to say next, and the two of you agreeing to coffee afterward.



No matter how spectacular your fantasized idea, picture it to aid in remembering information. It helps quite a lot!


Organization is vital in this case! Trust me, the art of organization can be more than labels, pens, and boxes. If one manages to keep a space uncluttered and has knowledge of where their supplies lay, forgetfulness is unlikely to come. If you can easily see a sticky note with reminders and your essay, things will become much more smooth!

Recall, recall, whenever you can! This goes hand in hand with fantasizing. As you are picturing the end goal in your head, also repeat everything that has happened thus far. Whether it is what your coworker just said, or the last step on your coding project you completed, this will banish forgetfulness.

Create a grounding for whatever you are doing. Make it a priority and remove any distractions if possible. Trust me, a bustling crowd or even clouds can really make you forget things! Ground yourself in one convenient, organized place and work from there.

Didn’t sleep well? That is totally reasonable, we all have the struggle. Yet sleep and energy are a must in success with memory. Do whatever you can to sleep well, wake up early, and find activities that will wake and energize you. Whether it is a good stroll or a cup of coffee, give your body the energy it deserves.



Find something that energizes your soul, and practice it! The mind needs a fuel to stay strong on memorization.


One of the biggest things I have learned is that stress, multitasking, and frantic activities create memory loss. So avoid it! In previous posts, I mentioned ways to rid yourself of stress, and how to gain more time. Follow those, and rid yourself of frantically doing numerous tasks. Sure, we can do it to an extent, but we are bound to make a mistake at some point.

How do I start?

It is going to take some time, but I promise we can achieve this! No longer will you be saying, “Uhh… I forgot.” to your spouse on your anniversary, or to your boss. These are some ideas I want to start with, opening up a world of beautiful, golden memory.

Remember Me Jar
This idea is a fun, simple, and creative idea to remember various projects. Get a mason jar or cup, and write down tasks on individual sticky notes. It is your choice on the layout, yet I think something like “Remember Me… Business Financial Report” with key detail points below. Then fold up the sticky note and throw it in the jar! To aid even further, write a priority number on the outside so you can easily work with the most important first, without forgetting lower tasks.

Yellow Mornings
Yellow has always been seen as a bright, cheerful color – and it also makes you quite hungry. The idea behind this is take a neon yellow paper or sticky note, write a motivational saying on it, and stick this on your phone. When the alarm starts ringing, the first thing you see is a bright color and nice saying to start your day. This will give you the energy to wake up, refresh your memory, and start the day.



Even specific items that bring a smile to your face could work! Inspiring quote cups like this, a childhood toy, family photograph, etc. Get creative!


Write Down Everything
This idea is pretty straightforward but really useful! Write down everything – tasks, conversation topics, information you learned, and so forth. Organize it into categories and use this to both refreshes your memory and gain original ideas for projects.

Dream Journal
This idea actually extends upon the “Write Down Everything”. Dreams are extremely important to us, whether or not we realize it. Yet what is the one thing most every human forgets? Dreams! The moment you wake up, write down whatever you can remember from your dream. Even if it isn’t a specific theme or picture, write down feelings and emotions. This helps your brain reach back into important information, strengthening it to remember tasks later in the day. Also, it allows you to analyze your sleep patterns and dream state, in which could translate to your mind already remembering what you had to do.

Forgetfulness is definitely a difficult concept to smash, but I know we can accomplish it! Through some time and effort, it will become possible. The more you practice something, the stronger it becomes – therefore, practice your memory often. I wish you the best of luck, my friends!

Until next time,

Ashlee G., Author of Creative Thinking Well

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  1. Hello Ashlee,

    great post.What a country would be without people who dared to fantasize about, cars, airplanes, electricity …. Where would we be now ?

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  2. Great post regarding inspired enthusiasm and motivation 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR and commented:
    I have a Remember Me jar as xpnuggets suggests. If only I could find it? CRS: Can’t Remember S**t

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