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Hello! Here at XP Nuggets, it is our mission to positively impact your life. To become your daily source of motivation, inspiration, and drive. Not only do we hope to empower you, we also hope to ensure you leave our site with a feel good mentality. So be sure to bookmark us! Become part of this blog as we grow together in our mission!

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Update 5/6/17

We are currently looking for guest bloggers or contributors!  If you’d like to be part of something special & to be part of a vision come to life, please contact us!

Update 5/12/17

We have now have a Facebook page click here!

Update 5/18/17

Welcome Jon V and AGDP to Team Nuggets!

Update 6/11/17

Welcome, AshleeG to Team Nuggets!

Update 6/28/17

XP Nuggets Comic First Appearance! Check it out here!!

Story by Kickz & Illustrated by Saphy!!

If you’d like to support the comic please visit our patreon page here!!

Update 8/6/2017

Began Weekly Sunday Pow – Wow project! Check out the first one here!

Update 8/14/2017

Call for help to begin the XPN Radio Podcast Project! Check out the post here!

Update 8/23/2017

XPNUGGETS is now on Instagram! Get Fresh Insta Nuggets here!


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