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Ashlee G.

Innovative dreamer and writer who sees the world with new eyes

    Creativity: Time to Shine

    Are you the kind of person who feels dull in the day? Or gets bored easily? Well, if you are, a great start is boosting your creativity! There are numerous benefits for being creative, plus it really makes your day shine. Come and join me on our adventure to discovering the secret of creativity. Roots of Creativity Less Brainstorming Remember doing group brainstorming projects in school? That definitely helps generate […]

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    Becoming more Cordial

    Please don’t talk to me, I am beyond exhausted. Why must I go to work today? Trust me, we all face this! Now internally, we might be blooming with friendliness, or perhaps we are nice yet quiet. Either way, being cordial is a fundamental step of success in many ways. Whether you work sales, HR, run the household, or attending school, it is a great value to have. Kindness is more […]

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    Greetings: Beyond “How are you?”

    Have you ever had a conversation toward a new person last only a few seconds? Or filled with awkwardness? Of course, we all have encountered this scenario! Over time, we learn that the generic “Hello, how are you?” is kind, yet seldom spreads the conversation further. It leaves gaps and can make a person feel insignificant, answering “good” to that question numerous times. Ready to boost confidence and become original […]

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    Ridding Yourself of “F.O.R.G.E.T.”

    “Ah yes, the project is going- Wait, what did you say again?” At one point or another, we all have had this moment – the sense of essentially going through a washing machine. You grasp one conversation, in full swing of details, when the next moment the connection abruptly ends. I think it is time we finally wrestle this weightless feeling to the ground. Not only will it boost our […]

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    Thinking Without Walls

    In a world full of people, what will make me stand out? My ideas? I feel a lot of us struggle with this concept of standing out in order to get the best job, a successful business, or first house. Think about it: 7.5 billion people here on Earth right now, 7.5 billion brains flowing with brilliant ideas. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Well, when it comes to life, I feel we all […]

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    Tapping into your Inner Child

    So carefree, so young, how can I reach that again? Children are brilliantly carefree, creative, inspirational, and in many cases, even world-changing. Yet what makes them so different from adults? Many adults find themselves equally as young, through the idea of tapping into their inner child. There are key ideas to expand our horizons, aiding in school, work, or at home. Let’s get started, no? Try something simple. Young children typically […]

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    Smashing through F.E.A.R

    Fear, how we despise it so deeply, yet somehow the little bug never fades away. Like an invisible cockroach whispering ideas into your head. Do I have fears? Do you? Sure, we all do. Yet I know for a fact that together we can work to push it away, and turn that F.E.A.R into enjoyment. Fear can be… enjoyable? Just you wait and see, my friends! What Forms F.E.A.R? Failure What […]

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    Time to Motivate!

    My friends, we all lack that good dose of motivation, and sometimes our friends or family do too. A lot of us write a ton of lists, right? To-Do’s, house cleaning, shopping lists and recipes, goals. Things are often easier said (or written) than done, that is for sure. Then you got the rest of us who just go with the flow. So how do we motivate ourselves and others? It’s quite […]

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    Conversation: Dash of Creativity

    Oh boy, big interview today… The make or break of my future. But I can’t, I can’t do it.  No matter how confident you are, we all face times where speaking is difficult. Perhaps you had the opportunity to speak to someone famous, a stranger whom you helped, or a company for your first job. We have all faced conversation in ours lives, and there are billions of ways to […]

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    Rise Up and be Courageous

    Courage, it is such a beautiful, yet a unapproachable word. Do you remember being a young child, sitting on the edge of your bed, feet swinging, the room pitch black? Everything looked like monsters in the shadows, and you were more than certain the Boogy Man was living under your bed. I bet you were terrified like Medusa was looking you in the face. But you know what? It’s time […]

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    Beauty in the Difference

    How many of you fabulous people have walked down the street and found your eyes drawn to a building, person, or object different from what you are familiar with? I feel we all have at some point, and so I wish to express the beauty in that. If there is one thing you should know about me is my love for beautiful differences. Now it is time I help you […]

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    What makes a S.M.I.L.E?

    Have you ever pondered as to why that one kid won’t stop smiling? Almost drives you insane at moments, doesn’t it? He won’t stop smiling about nothing! No worries, I think we’ve all been there once or twice. Yet there is a secret to his smile, and to what will be yours as well. S.M.I.L.E, the fundamentals of all life. It’s more than a quick lift of the lips to express joy, […]

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    Becoming the Change

    Becoming the change, becoming the change. How am I supposed to do that? We’ve all asked ourselves this question, sometimes a thousand times a day. Sometimes once a year. Humans crave to change the world, to make it better, and to help. So how do you bring about the change in the world? Well, I am going to tell you a quick story here to help start off this mission of becoming the […]

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