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XPN [Q&A] #6

Heya readers! Once again I hope everyone had a great week. This week we were able to get a few interviews done and I’m looking forward to posting them soon. ( After slight editing and permission from our guest of course ! ) Anyway, Heres this week’s round of questions! [ A much easier batch ty for this xD ] The way it works is every week readers submit their answers to […]

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XPN SUNDAY POW WOW! [ Q&A + Share your blog ]

Hey everyone! We’d like to start a new project for XP Nuggets! Every Sunday we will have a question(s) of the week! I know many of us are trying to grow their blog and meet other bloggers so along with the Question(s) of the week, We encourage everyone to answer the question(s) and share their blog! Promote yourself, others and have fun doing so! Everyone wins =) [ Disclaimer: Comments […]

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Why do we blog?

Are we addicted to the keystrokes? Do we live for the fame? Do we just want someone to hear our voice? Everyday thousands of blogpost get published to the world wide web. Many of the post, like this one are just a blip on the radar. So why do we do it? We are human in need of self-expression. You ever have something happen to you where you just couldn’t […]

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