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Becoming more Cordial

Please don’t talk to me, I am beyond exhausted. Why must I go to work today? Trust me, we all face this! Now internally, we might be blooming with friendliness, or perhaps we are nice yet quiet. Either way, being cordial is a fundamental step of success in many ways. Whether you work sales, HR, run the household, or attending school, it is a great value to have. Kindness is more […]

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Greetings: Beyond “How are you?”

Have you ever had a conversation toward a new person last only a few seconds? Or filled with awkwardness? Of course, we all have encountered this scenario! Over time, we learn that the generic “Hello, how are you?” is kind, yet seldom spreads the conversation further. It leaves gaps and can make a person feel insignificant, answering “good” to that question numerous times. Ready to boost confidence and become original […]

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XPN [Q&A] #6

Heya readers! Once again I hope everyone had a great week. This week we were able to get a few interviews done and I’m looking forward to posting them soon. ( After slight editing and permission from our guest of course ! ) Anyway, Heres this week’s round of questions! [ A much easier batch ty for this xD ] The way it works is every week readers submit their answers to […]

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Would you help me kindly? [XPN Podcast]

Hi, everyone. Here’s an idea that has been brewing in the back of my mind. In light of the XPN Sunday Pow Wow, I’d like to create an audio section for XP Nuggets where we would highlight fellow bloggers and individuals that would like to be “interviewed”. I envision it as something very informal. A meet and greet of who you are as a person and highlighting you and your blog. I hope to […]

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