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XPN [Community Q&A] #7

Heya! Here we go! The next round of questions for you to stimulate your mind ūüėČ Oh! I also thought if you took the time to answer these questions – Why not turn it into a blog post for yourself? Take the answers line them up with the questions and BAM you got yourself a blog post. This way you also can get your readers to know more about you […]

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XPN [Q&A] #6

Heya readers! Once again I hope everyone had a great week. This week we were able to get a few interviews done and I’m looking forward to posting them soon. ( After slight editing and permission from our guest of course !¬†) Anyway, Heres this week’s round of questions! [ A much easier batch ty for this xD ] The way it works is every week¬†readers submit their answers to […]

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Pow Wow #5 [Q&A]

Hey, Everyone! I’m enjoying the project and this week’s round of questions have given me much to think on. I find myself struggling to search within myself to answer some of them. ¬†Introspectively I’ve found that it is been difficult to put my thoughts into words. Especially when it comes to elaborating on the ideas I stand on. That being said, this project been forcing me to sit down understand […]

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Sunday Pow Wow #4 [Q&A + Share your Blog ]

Hey, everyone, I¬†hope you all had an amazingly productive week and here‚Äôs this weeks round of questions. The way it works is every week¬†readers submit their answers to the questions in the comments section along with a question they would like to see next week. ¬†You can choose to answer as many of the questions you‚Äôd like. I understand sometimes a question can be sensitive in nature and one wouldn‚Äôt […]

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XPN SUNDAY POW WOW! [ Q&A + Share your blog ]

Hey everyone! We’d like to start a new project for XP Nuggets! Every Sunday we will have a question(s) of the week! I know many of us are trying to grow their blog and meet other bloggers so along with the Question(s) of the week, We encourage everyone to answer the question(s) and share their blog! Promote yourself, others and have fun doing so! Everyone wins =) [ Disclaimer: Comments […]

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